House Hunting – House Hunting

The actual physical looking at houses portion of house hunting, is one of the funnest, and most glamorized. As evidenced by the incredibly popular TV show House Hunters and web sites such as Houzz. This is not to say that it is a stress free process. Buying a house for most people, is one of the biggest purchases that will ever be made in terms of amount of money spent. Below are ways to ensure that the house tour aspect of house hunting is as stress free as possible.

  • Past will influence style choices: The style of house lived in while growing up, will influence the style of house that is being sought after for purchase. This does add difficulty when more then one person or a family grouping is involved in the purchasing process. Budget and location, do weigh heavily on this. A good way to work through this is to view houses that meet the criteria of a previously compiled wish list.
  • Don’t get caught up in the details: There are many details and specifications that can be thrown around in describing a house. square footage, BTU’s, brand of dishwasher, etc. These numbers are important, but focusing on them will detract from other aspects such as lifestyle, and functionality considerations.
  • Does it feel like home: It is very hard to describe, but it is not unusual to like or dislike a house based purely on a gut reaction.
  • Take a second look with tape measure and flashlight: After viewing a few houses, the focus will start to narrow towards a few specific houses. A tape measure can be used to see if current furniture piece will fit in a living room, or is a King Size bed will be able to fit in a stairwell for a second floor bedroom.
  • Most Import: Have Fun!

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