First Time Home Buying – the Wishlist

When a business puts together a budget for the next fiscal year, one of the first steps in the budget process is to put together a wishlist. The wishlist encompasses items that the business would like to purchase, or funding for new programs and initiatives. The same is true when buying a house. A wishlist can be created of all the desired features and amenities. Not all wishlist items in a budget for a business will be funded, nor will ever item on a first time home buyers wish list be fulfilled.

Endless hours can be spent debating the merits of each wishlist item amongst the prospective home buyers, but sometimes the process of house hunting is the easiest way to narrow the list. Budget and location often dictate the type of amenity or feature that is present within a house. If there are still many items on the wishlist not being fulfilled, a needs and wants assessment can be performed. A desire for a breakfast nook to sip coffee in the morning, when the person doesn’t drink coffee on a regular basis, could be easily crossed off of the wishlist.

Below are excellent videos for more information on effective wishlist creation.

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