House Hunting – House Hunting

The actual physical looking at houses portion of house hunting, is one of the funnest, and most glamorized. As evidenced by the incredibly popular TV show House Hunters and web sites such as Houzz. This is not to say that it is a stress free process. Buying a house for most people, is one of the biggest purchases that will … Read More

House Hunting – Kicking the Tires

A wishlist has been generated, and mortgage preapproval has been successfully sought. The next step in the house hunting process can be difficult, it is the decision if this is right time to contact a realtor to put current house on market or to buy a new house. In some cases the decision is easy, such as a geographic change … Read More

House Hunting – Preapproval

The wishlist is complete, it’s time to go house hunting. There is still one more step, and that is mortgage preapproval. The mortgage preapproval is a determination of the price of home you can afford. Certain aspects of the preapproval are estimates, such as the amount of property taxes for a specific location Below is a video to explain the … Read More

First Time Home Buying – the Wishlist

When a business puts together a budget for the next fiscal year, one of the first steps in the budget process is to put together a wishlist. The wishlist encompasses items that the business would like to purchase, or funding for new programs and initiatives. The same is true when buying a house. A wishlist can be created of all … Read More

DIY Tiling

It is very hard to keep kitchen walls clean. Splashes and food particles are constantly splattering on the wall. An easy solution to this messy problem is to install a backsplash. Below are videos on how to install tile backsplashes, floors, and shower walls. Tiling a Shower Cutting and Installing Tile Installing a Tile Floor How to Grout a Tile … Read More

All About Basements

One of the best places to expand existing living space is to convert an unfinished basement. There are environments where basements are not structurally good ideas such as flood plains or areas with high water tables. After doing some research, it appears basements until the last sixty years or so, were not the best places to expand a living space. … Read More

How to Clean up Household Floods

One of the worst experiences of home ownership is to have a flood caused by a burst pipe, malfunctioning hot water heater, washer or dishwasher. The path to follow for effective clean up is usually unclear. Watch the videos below for effective ways to clean up from water damage. Ways to Protect Home Against Flooding Cleaning up after Household Flood … Read More

What to Do, What to Do!

It can be hard to find things to do in the South Bend/Mishawaka and Michiana area. Below are web sites that have tons of events to fill up your calendar. Events can also be viewed on my Mobile App for Android. South Bend – Eventful South Bend Parks and Recreation Events Downtown South Bend – DTSB Visit South Bend – … Read More

Parlors, Living Rooms, and Family Rooms Oh My!

Recently, I was doing an open house at an historical home and one of the attendees asked me, what is the difference between a parlor and a sitting room. I said the parlor is kind of like a living room, and the sitting room is the equivalent of a family room. I did a little more research, and discovered the … Read More

Styles of Houses

When reading descriptions of houses for sale, styles of homes such as Bungalow, Queen Anne, or Sears Craftsman homes are often used. If unfamiliar with these styles of houses, watch below for more information. Characteristics of a Bungalow Craftsman Bungalow Preserving Sears Kit Craftsman Bungalow Queen Anne Style If looking to buy or sell a home, no matter what type … Read More